Why Energy Pix?

Energy Pix Price Comparison to other Energy Shots or Drinks

5 hours of Energy from an Energy Shot cost $3.00
5 hours of Energy from an Energy Drink cost $8.00
5 hours of Energy from an Energy Pix cost $.50


Energy Shot Calories – 5 Calories
Energy Drink Calories – 200 Calories
Energy Pix Calories – 0 Calories

How Long does Each Pack Last?*
60 Pack lasts 12 Days,
125 Pack lasts 25 Days
250 Pack lasts 50 days

* Based on 5 pix use per day.

Recommended Use:
The best time to use an Energy Pix is just after lunch.  Chew on an Energy Pix and the 25 mcgs. of Vitamin B-12 will begin to turn your lunch into energy and prevent you from getting tired.  Follow up with one every hour afterwards until your work day is done.  Usually 4-5 per day will do the trick, or grab an extra one if you feel like snacking!