The Many Uses of Energy Pix

Stop Tobacco – Kick the Habit

With the conception of Energy Pix, our goal is to help people change their habits.  We fully understand that people are creatures of habit, and tobacco use is one of the most habitual, harmful products on the market today.  Our studies, and others, show that smoking and tobacco use prey on two extreme habits.

  1. Hand to mouth motion– oral gratification.
  2. Residual benefit – rush, buzz, or feeling you receive from tobacco which stimulates your system.

Everyone knows that the “cold turkey” method of quitting is almost impossible.  That is why Energy Pix is a great substitute.  We offer a replacement of hand-to-mouth action and oral gratification, and the caffeine and Vitamin B-12 offers a stimulant similar to the rush you get from nicotine in the tobacco products.  More importantly you don’t get all the nasty side affects from smoking!

Through our years of research, we surveyed our customers and found the most common method to stop your habit is to alternate a cigarette (or dip or chew) with an Energy Pix.  Example:  If you smoke ten cigarettes per day, it is recommended to smoke five cigarettes and chew on five Energy Pix.  Repeat this process for several weeks, gradually increasing the amount of Energy Pix, and decreasing the amount of cigarettes – ultimately removing your dependence on cigarettes for good.

Energy Pix is cost-effective and a healthier alternative to tobacco use!

The Toothpick Diet

Energy Pix have been used by hundreds to curb cravings and stop snacking.  One of the leading causes of weight gain is habitual snacking.  Energy Pix is a healthy substitute for snacking.  Energy Pix fulfills all characteristics of the habit of snacking:  hand-to-mouth motion, oral gratification, and a strong burst of flavor.

Energy Pix’s caffeine is a stimulant, and the Vitamin B-12 turns your food into energy.  Energy Pix also contains plentiful amounts of the healthy benefits of cinnamon, whereas the flavor overwhelms the palette and reduces the desire to snack.  Keep an Energy Pix in your pocket or purse, and when you feel like grabbing a snack, simply grab a toothpick instead.  It will suppress your desire to snack, and you’ll love the zero-calorie flavor.