Our History

The Creation of Energy Pix


In 1997, Pharmacy Services of America and a group of independent physicians developed Energy Pix. This new type of supplement not only gives you the energy you need, but also will help you to overcome cravings, such as smoking, smokeless tobacco use, and snacking. Energy Pix provides you with a healthy alternative to these unhealthy habits.

Research findings have shown that smoking, tobacco chewing/dipping, and over-snacking all include similar commonalities, which include hand-to-mouth motion and oral gratification production.  There are also chemical enjoyments connected to each habit that raises endorphins. Energy Pix satisfies all the requirements of these habits – hand to mouth motion, oral gratification, flavor and taste fulfillment, and a boost of energy. Energy Pix’s blend of ingredients is absorbed through the lips and mouth (sublingually), and not through the digestive system, delivering energy to your system faster. This creates a healthy experience that gives you a gratifying alternative to nasty habits.

Over the last 15 years, Energy Pix has perfected its infusion process and energy blend. Each toothpick is infused under pressure (not soaked like your traditional homemade cinnamon toothpicks), producing a smooth, flavorful, and effective product. This proprietary process infuses the energy blend evenly into the toothpick, offering a quick burst of energy and flavor!

As the toothpick is placed on your lips, the energy blend is absorbed directly into your system, similar to a dip of tobacco or inhaling a cigarette – but without the worry associated with those bad habits.  So take one for yourself and enjoy a pix.