Does It Work?

At Energy Pix, we are constantly asked two questions:

  1. Does it work?
  2. How much energy does one Energy Pix give you?

Each Energy Pix toothpick has 7 mgs of caffeine and 25 mcgs of Vitamin B-12.  We offer the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B-12  in each toothpick, so you receive a full, healthy dose.  This is crucial in turning your food intake in to energy.  We are not as intense on the caffeine side, with 7 mgs of caffeine in each toothpick.  However, many studies show that low-dosing caffeine throughout the day offers a better state of alertness than the high doses of caffeine you get in an energy drink.  Also, with Energy Pix, you’ll never “crash” like you do with other energy products or get those nasty jitters.  Energy Pix is an on-demand energy product.  You tailor it to your needs.  When you want a pick-me-up, grab a toothpick.  With zero-calories, you never have to worry about putting on the pounds or running to the bathroom constantly.

It has been determined, the best way to get through your work day is to chew an Energy Pix an hour after lunch, and every hour after afterwards, until quitting time.  This should put your total use around 5-6 Energy Pix per day.  Obviously, every person is different.  So, some may need more; some may need less.   Energy Pix was designed to be tailored to each person’s needs.  You will be able to gauge pretty quickly what works best for you.